AGE 77

Three years ago I had a sixteen hour back surgery. I was prescribed pain killers and anti-anxiety medication. I wanted to get off prescription drugs so my daughter introduced me to Verde Patch. After using the patches I'm officially off the pills I was prescribed and my anxiety levels have significantly dropped. I won't need to use any other drugs as long as I have these patches.


AGE 51

I work in an extremely high-paced position that keeps me extremely busy daily. At age 51, while I remain active, those daily aches and pains of always being on the move tend to creep up on me. After starting to use Verde Patch several times throughout the week, the daily aches of aging have disappeared, and keeping focused throughout the busy days has become much easier. An added benefit has been a more restful sleep at night as I find myself able to wind down from the day and fall asleep more naturally.


Thank you!


AGE 29

Like many others, I suffer from monthly menstrual cramps. I don't like to take pills for pain management, so for a long time I was just trying to power through the pain. I didn't want to damage my lungs, so I tried tinctures and other products, but I could never get the dosage correct. Just one of the Verde topical  patches contain the perfect amount I need to get through the whole day without excruciating pain or lethargy. 


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